Your Phone’s Multitasking Capabilities Are Now More Powerful!

Your Phone’s Multitasking Capabilities Are Now More Powerful! – In November 2020, it was reported that Microsoft is developing a new multitasking feature for the Your Phone app, which will be specifically for users of certain Samsung devices, they can tilt and open the existing applications on their android devices directly on the connected pc.

The ability is quite interesting, because not only one application can open, but many applications at once, even reportedly for samsung galaxy Z Fold users, there will be the ability to Resizing Windows that makes the application look like native in Windows 10., and although it is still limited on Samsung devices, but of course once again this feature is quite interesting to try.

About that, the good news for now if you have used the latest Your Phone app, along with you are a Samsung device user, you can already try this feature loh.

Well for you Samsung and Your Phone users, please try it, whether you have got this feature or not?..
Non Samsung Users Don’t Worry!

For those of you device users who are not Samsung, do not worry because Microsoft is also developing a latte project where android applications will run natively in Windows 10.

It’s just that, until now the news from Project Latte is still fairly limited, where quite a bit of information that we can get, but most likely in accordance with what was previously scheduled support of this Android application will be present in Windows 10 21H1 or at the end of this year, let’s hope that Microsoft does not cancel this Project Latte like Project Astoria before.

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