Revealed!, This Is What Firefox’s New Tab Design Looks Like… – It has been rumored since some time ago that Firefox will change the look of their Web Browser, by being developed using Proton, this time the design of Firefox will look more modern and in my opinion tends to be a little similar to the Chromium browser.

In the picture above, it appears that that’s what Mozilla Firefox looks like right now, and here’s the new look.

As you can see in the image above, although it does not seem too changed, but if noticed, the design of the new Firefox tab is more similar to the Tab design of Microsoft Edge Chromium, although I think it is cooler firefox design as in the picture above.

Aside from the description, it is still unclear when, and what other looks, but reportedly for those of you who want to try this new look, you can use Firefox Nightly by enabling the config “browser.proton.tabs.enabled”.


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