Later, Users Can Choose Keyboard Shortcut For Custom Searches in Google Chrome – An interesting information is present for you Google Chrome users, because reportedly in the latest version of Google Chrome Canary 92, users can choose a keyboard shortcut to perform custom searches in Google Chrome loh.

A little information and explanation about this feature is actually not a new thing anyway, because basically users can access the keyboard shortcut in the Google Chrome Address Bar to enable custom search, the default in the address bar we can when and press Space / Tab.

Then what the hell is changed in this Google Chrome Canary?, well about it, users can choose a keyboard shortcut whose default is Space or Tab, kin users can choose only Tabs. Yep that’s all.

And of course as usual, this option is not present by default, but instead the user must enable the following experimental flags.

Furthermore the keyboard shortcut option for custom search will be available in settings page >Search engine > Manage search engines.

Well again, although this option is new, but to be honest in my own opinion, this option is not an important thing even if it is not presented though, because in any case, accessing custom search is still very easy with tab access or space.


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