How to Split Large Files in Windows – In this article, WinPoin will give tips if you want to upload elephant files that are above 1 GB in size.

This can certainly be the case if you have a less stable internet. To solve this, you can try to split the file into sections.

Of course, splitting files into sections will be more efficient, because if you fail to upload at any time, you don’t have to repeat the process from scratch.

Splitting Large Files in Windows

To do so, you can use file archive software such as 7zip or WinRAR.

  • Right-click on the file you want to split.
  • Select Add to archive.
  • On the Split to volumes menu, size, input the maximum size of each split file and the unit size of the file. For example, here I want to break a Windows ISO file that measures 4.28 GB into 400 MB each.
  • Click OK to start the process.
  • Done.

After that then you just wait for the process to finish and you will find the files that have been broken into sections.


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