Firefox 85 Released, Comes with Supercookie Protections – Some time ago Mozilla launched Firefox 85 for all its users, where in this version there are a number of improvements including new security features that will certainly protect users from unknown foreign actions.

Yep, the new feature is supercookie protections, where these properties will isolate supercookies so they can’t track and profile users when users go from website to website

While it may seem normal, this feature will be quite useful for improving user privacy, while there are also a number of other improvements such as Bookmarks that will now still appear on the new tab page even if the bookmark is basically hidden, and the new ability to delete all saved login information with just one click on the button provided.

Although it is possible that some of these features are already available especially in chromium-based browsers such as Brave, Google Chrome and others, but certainly for Firefox some of them are new.

As usual, for those of you who want to try the Firefox 85 version, you can go directly to the followingFirefox main page, or you can also update manually on the Firefox page > Help > About Firefox.


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