ALT + Microsoft Edge Tab Behavior Can Now Be Set From Browser Directly – Starting from Windows 10 20H2 or October 2020 Update, we can set how ALT+ Tab displays tabs in Microsoft Edge Chromium directly.

To be honest the feature is quite useful for those of you who want to navigate quickly on the Last 3 or 5 Tabs that are open, only if you bring up the entire tab on ALT + Tab, the display will be too much and will be a little confusing.

As we know, to disable and enable this ALT + Tab option, we can go to the Settings page > System > Multitasking, and there we can set everything.

Related to this feature did you know, starting at Microsoft Edge version Chromium Canary 89.0.736.0 we can set it directly from the browser itself.

To set the feature, you can enable experimental flags “Browser tab experiences in Windows” in the latest Edge Canary, where if disabled then ALT + Tab will no longer display open Tabs from Microsoft Edge Chromium.

Regarding this flags option, please be aware if we disable, even if in the settings page (Windows 10) the option is active, whether it is Recent 3 Tab, Recent 5 Tab, or displaying all open tabs in Microsoft Edge, Alt + Tab will still not display tabs in that Browser.

Well this option will certainly be very interesting and will be very useful for those of you who use two or more different versions of Microsoft Edge Chromium, let’s say you just want ALT + TAB To Display Tabs in Edge Chromium Stable only, then in beta, Dev and Canary you can disable it via Browser.

But of course, currently this flags option is only available in Edge Canary only, and is expected to launch to Dev and Beta versions soon, especially if Microsoft adds the option directly on the browser page itself.

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