Alarm & Clock App Get a New Redesign! – A new change seems to be re-presented by Microsoft for their main application, where this time the Alarm & Clock app seems to have gotten a pretty significant redesign.

The design changes given seem very extensive, and almost all parts of the alarm & clock app have been changed, of these changes the most prominent is on the timer & alarm page by adding the design on items with card display.

New Look (Insider)

If carefully observed in the new display image above, in addition to the presence of the Card user interface, the angle on the button now appears slightly rounded.

In my own opinion, this new look certainly seems more modern, it’s just that even so, this change is now only available to Insiders who use Windows 10 Insider Dev Channel only.

However it does not close the possibility that this change will be released soon on the Alarm & Clock update in the upcoming Windows 10 Stable.

Well for you Windows 10 Insider Dev Channel Build 20279.1 or 21279.1 users, you can already get this change by updating the Alarm & Clock app on the Download & Updates page in the Microsoft Store.


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