Microsoft Updates Its Software For iPhone 12 Support

Microsoft Updates Its Software For iPhone 12 Support – Discussing Microsoft application support on iDevice, it was recently reported that Microsoft began rolling out an update for the Remote Desktop Mobile app to version 10.2.1, which in the version update changelog includes “Support for recently released iPhone and iPad devices”.

Microsoft explainedthat in addition to bringing support for the iPhone 12 device line, the updates they submitted also included fixes for RD Gateway Server issues.

Addressed an issue where the client would return a 0x30000066 error when connecting using an RD Gateway server.”.

Until now, only Microsoft Remote Desktop Mobile applications have received updates, but of course many users, especially users of the latest iPhone or iPad devices expect that Microsoft will also update outlook, swiftkey, office and skype applications, soon in the coming weeks.


WhatsApp app on Windows 10 now Supports Disappear Messages Feature

WhatsApp app on Windows 10 now Supports Disappear Messages Feature – Recently, WhatsApp released a new feature called ‘Disappearing Messages’. Where this feature will eliminate messages automatically after 7 days.

In addition to being able to increase privacy, this feature can be used to avoid the waste of storage space used by WhatsApp. Because in addition to messages, media such as videos and photos in the chat will also be deleted. Although users can still use the auto-download feature to save media automatically.

This ‘Disappearing Messages’ feature is available for both personal chat and group chat. For personal chat, each user can be in control of this option. As for groups, only admins have this option.

This feature is already available for Android and iOS platforms, but whatsApp also brings the same features for the Windows 10 platform.


Microsoft Edge Chromium Beta Now Available For Linux

Microsoft Edge Chromium Beta Now Available For Linux – As we know Microsoft Edge Chromium Dev has been present for Linux since October 2020 then, well about this browser, today is a good news nih because finally the first Beta version has been presented for linux platforms.

And as usual, for those of you Linux users (Debian Based, Fedora, and friends), you can download this Microsoft Edge Chromium Beta from the following line.

In this version is there a new feature?, well about the feature, in Microsoft Edge Chromium Beta version 91.0.864.15 released as usual still presents a number of features that have been introduced since the previous dev version, including synchronization features for you multidevice and multiplatform users that are certainly very useful.

In addition, a number of main features have also started to be used by users, namely Collections and a number of UI changes that were previously rumored.

Later, Users Can Choose Keyboard Shortcut For Custom Searches in Google Chrome

Later, Users Can Choose Keyboard Shortcut For Custom Searches in Google Chrome – An interesting information is present for you Google Chrome users, because reportedly in the latest version of Google Chrome Canary 92, users can choose a keyboard shortcut to perform custom searches in Google Chrome loh.

A little information and explanation about this feature is actually not a new thing anyway, because basically users can access the keyboard shortcut in the Google Chrome Address Bar to enable custom search, the default in the address bar we can when and press Space / Tab.

Then what the hell is changed in this Google Chrome Canary?, well about it, users can choose a keyboard shortcut whose default is Space or Tab, kin users can choose only Tabs. Yep that’s all.

And of course as usual, this option is not present by default, but instead the user must enable the following experimental flags.

Furthermore the keyboard shortcut option for custom search will be available in settings page >Search engine > Manage search engines.

Well again, although this option is new, but to be honest in my own opinion, this option is not an important thing even if it is not presented though, because in any case, accessing custom search is still very easy with tab access or space.


Microsoft Offers Spotify Premium Subscription For 4 Months, If….

Microsoft Offers Spotify Premium Subscription For 4 Months, If…. – Recently Microsoft has confirmed that users can get a premium Spotify subscription for 4 months at no cost whatsoever, if the user has become part of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate.

Yep, if you’ve subscribed to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, then you’ll get a free Spotify Premium subscription for four months, interesting isn’t it? of course it’s interesting, it’s just that this is a bit of good news, because the bad news is that this offer only applies to new Spotify users, so if you’ve subscribed to Spotify Premium before, then you’re not entitled to this offer.

“Play all your favorites with access to millions of tracks and podcasts titles. Ultimate members can enjoy ad-free music listening, music + podcast offline downloads, and on-demand listening with Spotify Premium for 4 months. Available for new Spotify Premium members only. Make sure you check with your regions since the terms might be different. For full details, see the offer in the Perks gallery on console, mobile or PC,” Microsoft explains.


How to Split Large Files in Windows

How to Split Large Files in Windows – In this article, WinPoin will give tips if you want to upload elephant files that are above 1 GB in size.

This can certainly be the case if you have a less stable internet. To solve this, you can try to split the file into sections.

Of course, splitting files into sections will be more efficient, because if you fail to upload at any time, you don’t have to repeat the process from scratch.

Splitting Large Files in Windows

To do so, you can use file archive software such as 7zip or WinRAR.

  • Right-click on the file you want to split.
  • Select Add to archive.
  • On the Split to volumes menu, size, input the maximum size of each split file and the unit size of the file. For example, here I want to break a Windows ISO file that measures 4.28 GB into 400 MB each.
  • Click OK to start the process.
  • Done.

After that then you just wait for the process to finish and you will find the files that have been broken into sections.


Alarm & Clock App Get a New Redesign!

Alarm & Clock App Get a New Redesign! – A new change seems to be re-presented by Microsoft for their main application, where this time the Alarm & Clock app seems to have gotten a pretty significant redesign.

The design changes given seem very extensive, and almost all parts of the alarm & clock app have been changed, of these changes the most prominent is on the timer & alarm page by adding the design on items with card display.

New Look (Insider)

If carefully observed in the new display image above, in addition to the presence of the Card user interface, the angle on the button now appears slightly rounded.

In my own opinion, this new look certainly seems more modern, it’s just that even so, this change is now only available to Insiders who use Windows 10 Insider Dev Channel only.

However it does not close the possibility that this change will be released soon on the Alarm & Clock update in the upcoming Windows 10 Stable.

Well for you Windows 10 Insider Dev Channel Build 20279.1 or 21279.1 users, you can already get this change by updating the Alarm & Clock app on the Download & Updates page in the Microsoft Store.


ALT + Microsoft Edge Tab Behavior Can Now Be Set From Browser Directly

ALT + Microsoft Edge Tab Behavior Can Now Be Set From Browser Directly – Starting from Windows 10 20H2 or October 2020 Update, we can set how ALT+ Tab displays tabs in Microsoft Edge Chromium directly.

To be honest the feature is quite useful for those of you who want to navigate quickly on the Last 3 or 5 Tabs that are open, only if you bring up the entire tab on ALT + Tab, the display will be too much and will be a little confusing.

As we know, to disable and enable this ALT + Tab option, we can go to the Settings page > System > Multitasking, and there we can set everything.

Related to this feature did you know, starting at Microsoft Edge version Chromium Canary 89.0.736.0 we can set it directly from the browser itself.

To set the feature, you can enable experimental flags “Browser tab experiences in Windows” in the latest Edge Canary, where if disabled then ALT + Tab will no longer display open Tabs from Microsoft Edge Chromium.

Regarding this flags option, please be aware if we disable, even if in the settings page (Windows 10) the option is active, whether it is Recent 3 Tab, Recent 5 Tab, or displaying all open tabs in Microsoft Edge, Alt + Tab will still not display tabs in that Browser.

Well this option will certainly be very interesting and will be very useful for those of you who use two or more different versions of Microsoft Edge Chromium, let’s say you just want ALT + TAB To Display Tabs in Edge Chromium Stable only, then in beta, Dev and Canary you can disable it via Browser.

But of course, currently this flags option is only available in Edge Canary only, and is expected to launch to Dev and Beta versions soon, especially if Microsoft adds the option directly on the browser page itself.

PC Specifications Steady But Slow, Use SSD! – Recommended SSD 250 GB!

PC Specifications Steady But Slow, Use SSD! – Recommended SSD 250 GB! – Do you have a PC with Great Specs? but you feel that loading is still slow, takes a lot of time, and makes you feel old because of the loading process? try to check if you are already using an SSD or not, because generally for Windows 10 especially for the latest versions such as 2004 and 20H2, based on my experience is quite burdensome in the disk resource section, sometimes Disk Usage is always 100% (especially when Windows Update / Update App in Microsoft Store is running).

For example, this PC is a PC with specifications Intel Core i7 8700 (6 Core / 12 Thread), 8 GB RAM DDR4 2666 Mhz, Radeon R7 240, HDD 1 Tb, for normal activities and normal is actually enough, but when the Windows Update process, the slowness is very felt, when from this specification is already steady.

Well about it, on this occasion I will discuss a little about cheap SSD recommendations that may be interesting for you to use, there are some provisions in this recommendation, one cheap, two sizes 250 Gb and SSD Sata, and fourth I have tried myself.

Microsoft To-Do Widget For iOS Now Available

Microsoft To-Do Widget For iOS Now Available – If you are a Microsoft To-Do user and are using an iOS device, you need to know that in the latest update, Microsoft has announced that the Microsoft To-Do Widget for iOS is now available.

Based on the announcement page, there are two Widgets released for iOS, the first being Microsoft To-Do Widget (My Day) and (Task). Kedunya works for quick access to any content in Microsoft To-Do, and of course both are useful enough to add new schedules, or content there faster.

In addition, there are also different sizes and users can use the smart stack to put the look of the Widget together to make it look more minimalistic.

Well for you Microsoft To-Do users on Iphone, please update your application to get the Widget.